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Tips for Getting the Best Mortgage and House

A mortgage advisor’s greatest concern is getting you in your dream home with the best mortgage possible. While they do everything in their power to get your house at a great rate, there are some things you can do to give yourself better options in finding your home: 

  • Having a good credit store is invaluable to getting an excellent mortgage, and thus, home. Your credit score and history acts as a guide for lenders deciding how great of a risk your mortgage will be to them. You’ll have better loan options and more flexible interest rates with a higher credit score. 
  • Saving up a large sum of money to put toward your home’s down payment can save you thousands of dollars down the line in interest. 
  • Be completely honest on your mortgage application, lying about income or other questions could cause you to get rejected. 
  • Don’t settle on the first house you see! There are hundreds of homes out there and you never know which one may be right for you. Make a list of your top choices and visit them multiple times, you’ll catch any details you may have overlooked the first time. 
  • When visiting a perspective house, bring a digital camera and notepad. When you’re trying to decide on a house later, you’ll have pictures of it and notes of what was going through your during the walk-through. 
  • Don’t consider buying a home if you’re not willing to live in it for at least a few years, you could definitely end up losing money. 
  • A major mistake some people make is misrepresenting their income on loan applications, be as accurate as possible on your application as it will affect your chances of being approved. 
  • Consider buying in a district with good schools, even if you don’t have children. Strong schools are a priority for many buyers and will boost the value of your home if you decide to sell it. 
  • Don’t be fooled by the starting prices of new homes by developers, it’s just to get people in the door. 

How Can a Mortgage Advisor Help Me?

If you’ve ever been in the market for a new home, you already know how difficult the mortgage process can be. If you’re looking for your first house, you probably aren’t quite prepared for to take it all on by yourself. No matter how much experience you have in the home market, a mortgage advisor can help you through it! It’s highly recommended that you get professional help with your mortgage. If you get the wrong mortgage, you could potentially cost yourself thousands of dollars and even lose your home. 

Most mortgage advisors will require an initial application, which is often straightforward. This should only take a few minutes. After that, you’ll begin the process of negotiating with different lenders to get you the mortgage that best suits your unique needs!  

Over the years, mortgage advisors compile a gigantic network of trusted lenders. They will go through each one until they find the mortgage that is meant for you. The service can be done completely online, meaning you never have to leave your computer to find your mortgage.  

Not only will a mortgage advisor save you time, but you’ll save money too. Does fraud and spyware make you hesitant about using online services? Make sure you get an online mortgage advisor that is 100% protected by the most up to date security services. Your privacy is important to.  

Why deal with pushy lenders and pressure sales tactics? With a mortgage advisor, you can decide the terms of your mortgage on your own time, free of lenders that claim to know what’s best for you. 

More Types of Mortgages

If you’re in the market for a house, it’s important to understand what your mortgage options are. We previously wrote about a few types of loans, but we want to add a few more to the mix.  

A mortgage can loosely be defined as a loan secured by physical property, which would be your house for this example. All mortgages are the same in this respect, but they differ greatly in how much interest you’ll pay on it and for how long you’ll have to pay it. Some mortgages will offer an interest rate that will never change over time; others might have an interest rate that can increase or decrease, to a certain limit. Interest rates for every type of mortgage will be affected by how much of a down payment you put on your home.  

Here are three basic types of mortgages to select from when purchasing or refinancing your home: 

Fixed Rate Mortgage: A fixed rate mortgage carries an interest rate that will stay the same forever, no matter how long the length of the mortgage. This means your rate will never go up. However, lenders usually require a higher interest rate from the start to accommodate for this. A fixed rate mortgage might be recommendable for those who are in very good place financially and have a solid credit score. 

Adjustable Rate Mortgage: An Adjustable Rate Mortgage or ARM provides a fixed interest rate initially, but can change over time based current market rates. The rate will only change during a certain period of time every several years, referred to as the adjustment period. The initial fixed interest period can be shorter than a year and is usually less than five years. When considering an ARM, also take into account that a cap, a limit to how high the interest rate can increase, can be negotiated with most lenders. 

Balloon Mortgages: A balloon mortgage is similar to an ARM in that it has a fixed interest rate for a period of time, the difference being that the entire balance is due at the end of the mortgage. These mortgages usually only last for about seven years and are sometimes seen as a short-term fix for people that cannot get approved for a fixed rate or adjustable rate mortgage. Generally, you wouldn’t apply for a balloon mortgage unless you knew you could pay off the balance. If you cannot pay the entire balance at the end of mortgage, you will be forced to get a new mortgage or face foreclosure on your home.